"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."


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An Experienced Lead Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Skilled in web and graphic designs, social media content creation and advertising. Professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Applied Business Computing from Intel College, University Of Sunderland.

Throughout my career I have assisted businesses with their branding, creating their website content and social media marketing. This involves research and analysis in order to come up with market standard content.

Photoshop, Illustrator,
InDesign, After Effect
Web Designer, Graphic Designer,
Digital Marketer

"Every great design begins with an even better story".

- Lorinda Mamo
Web Design

Creating responsive websites engineered to rank high in organic search results.

Graphic Design

Stand out from the rest with a unique visual identity that will have a lasting impact.

Digital Marketing

Detailed digital and social media strategy that will increase brand awareness and revenues.

Content Writing

Creating quality website content, blog posts, articles and social media posts for your business .


Planning your website from inception and help you achieve the desired look and feel before the development stage.

Fictional E-book

Al Baamar: Said Ibn Omar

This is a fictional story about the Al Baamar clan and its exiled
members who are no living in the East African region. It focuses on
Said Ibn Omar and his son Abdul Fatah. One neglected his duties as
the clan leader while the other was raised in a British culture trying
so hard to connect with his roots.

As Said walked into the house he heard a man's voice, ``It is the will of our mother, I know better than to interfere in my brother's affairs but please think.`` said the man to Halifa.

``Ali! What should she think about?`` Said yelled. Ali turned in shock, lowered his gaze and walked towards Said. ``Brother,`` laying his hands on Said's shoulders. ``Mother asked us to….``, Said countered Ali's tone with a punch, sending him against the wall.

``Said! If you think punching your brother will change anything, it won't!`` Halifa shouted, ``The damage is done. You want to know the worst part? I had to hear it from your brothers whom I've never met.`` Said quickly calmed down and tried approaching her only to be stopped by Ali.

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